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leveling furniture wedges - adjustable leveler shims                          

Invert the two leveling furniture wedges - "shims" for assembly

Position  the  two ridged  sides  with the  four  pins  facing  each  other

Insert  and  snap the  pins  into  the allotted  slots  in  the  grooves  next to  the  pins

Squeeze  the  two  wedges  towards each  other  sliding  the  pins  up  the  grooves


Temperature      32F to 98F indoor outdoor

300 lbs                Max. Weight

Choking Hazard  keep out of reach of children

Test before use   Do not stack two or more                                    levelers 

                             The leveling furniture wedges                              leveler shims are not for                                      permanent  application           


with the leveling furniture wedges - adjustable leveler shims



​​​​ Leveling furniture  wedges  adjustable  leveler shims

 for uneven surfaces

The Pro Leveler is engineered to stabilize outdoor furniture on uneven surfaces. 

The mated shims lock into place when squeezed together filling the gap under the elevated furniture leg.

The concentric rubber feel design and the added pins help the leveler grip the floor and the bottom of the furniture leg.  

- Works great for stabilizing patio and lawn furniture, when camping, on a picnic or catering sport        events
- In garages and basements for leveling shelves and big appliances on sloping floors
- For use in hotels, motels, coffee shops, and restaurant patios

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