The ProLeveler® instantly stabilizes tables and furniture providing a pleasurable “wobble-free” hospitality and productive work experience for hotels, restaurants, homes, coffee shops, patios, offices and workplaces.

How it works

        OFFICE                                   RESTAURANT                          COFFEEHOUSE                               PATIO    

Give your business a lift

​​Denis Perrin | ceo                             PAT FRASER | V.P. SALES

u.s. DIVISION   954.383.9442                CANADIAN DIVISION   647.977.1898



Engrave your company logo on the ProLeveler®, and offer a “wobble free” experience to your existing and prospective clients. They will thank you for it ...

Stop the Wobble

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Adjusts incrementally with two interlocking platforms filling the space between the floor and the bottom of the elevated furniture leg

The concentric design helps to grip to the floor and the bottom of the furniture leg